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Information on Contaminated Land and Brownfields in the UK, for all working in the field, whether involved in buying, selling, assessing, advising, remediating or even just ingesting...

Environment Agency - Three Day Flood Risk Forecast (England + Wales)

Environment Agency - Live flood warning map (England + Wales)

River and coastal flooding updates for Scotland

Scottish Environment Protection Agency - flood warning map

UK National Grid - Who to call when you have a Power Cut

Power cut info from Western Power Distribution ][ Scottish + Southern Energy ][ Northern Powergrid ][ UK Power Networks][ Electricity North West

UK Flood Help February 2014

How to use FoodTrade for #flood #offers and #wants

Find help from listed Flood Volunteers in your local area

Flood Map : Water Level Elevation Map

BBC Travel Alerts Flood Map

a simple Flood risk map based on liberated Environment Agency data, a bit of QGIS ... (www.edparsons.com)

Severe Winter weather NE USA - information links to maps and advice

Community Emergency Response Team - Basic Training Participant Manual

Global Disaster Alert

Google Maps geocoder - Morocco

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Information on Contaminated Land and Brownfields
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In 2004 we had listed here 132 Environmental jobs that were on offer: (29th February - 6th March)
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Then again maybe you don't like the fact that we get a click-back from Google each time you click on an ad-link. If so then have a look at this listing of Contaminated Land jobs within 10 miles of Downing Street - well there are a lot of Toxic assets out there !!

Site Investigation 2014 (London) 12th June 2014

Whistleblower reveals location of WMD's (in UK, USA and Australia)
So what exactly is Mustard Gas, and do I need to spend 45 minutes worrying ?
Bur's cover of "Sweet Home Battersea Power Station" re-sampled by 'Danger2Mice'
All the Contaminated Land News that's fit to Google
I read the news today oh boy - 4,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire
How come this website never seems to get updated ! Bur's cover of "Sweet Home Battersea Power Station" re-sampled by 'Danger2Mice'
Ancient UK Brownfield site just ripe for redevelopment ?
Is the land at Buckingham Palace contaminated ?

This website was last updated in a major way in
November 2012 - but sadly Great Britain did not win a Gold medal in Beach Volleyball - it woz the bearskins wot didn't do it

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