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Keywords :- Are there any relevant figures for Aluminium with regard to contaminated land?

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From: Steve Coackley
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 97
Subject: Aluminium nitrates
: Steve Coackley
Date: 21st March 97
Subject: Aluminium nitrates



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Are there any relevant figures for

  1. Aluminium nitrates
  2. Aluminium carbonates
  3. Aluminium sulphates
  4. Aluminium phosphates

with regard to contaminated land?

Do figures exist for ground water contamination?

What type and level of contamination in ground run off causes trigger levels to be exceeded?

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Dear Steve,

As far as I am aware the only concern about Aluminium was whether it gave you Alzheimers (in which case stop cooking your food in an Aluminium saucepan).

There was also concern that "acid rain" would release Aluminium into the groundwater - but I think that the reality is that Aluminium is Amphoteric (ie disolved by Alkali) hence once exposed to the "natural world" (which is slightly acid - due to the presence of dissolved Carbon dioxide, and humic acid) it would precipitate out fairly sharpish.

P.S. There are no figures for Aluminium in either the ICRCL or Dutch guidelines


Micky Allen

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