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Keywords :- Who should be held responsable for pollution problems from past mining activities in the SW of Devon

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From : Mary Dookun
Date: 22nd Feb 98
Subject: Mining Pollution in SW Devon



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I am an environmental science student at Plymouth University and I have to take part in a group seminar on the 5th March 1998 and the topic that we have been given is:

Who should be held responsable for pollution problems from past mining activities in the South West of Devon, U.K

Please can anyone help? If you have some info. please send me an E-mail

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Dear Mary,

Without being too facetious, how far back do you want to go:-

  1. The Bronze Age - the Phoenecians came to Cornwall and Devon for Tin and Copper

  2. The Romans (55BC onwards)

  3. The Industrial Revolution - The Southwest of England was the world's main source of Copper until the discoveries in the US (Butte, Magma, etc)

  4. The Cornish Miners (who colonised the mining world) for their discovery that the mines were zoned into areas rich in Tin, Copper, Zinc, Uranium and Gold)

  5. Josiah Wedgewood who needed China Clay for his masterpieces

  6. Society in general, afterall if you don't grow it, catch it or cut it down, then you have to dig it out of the ground !


Micky Allen

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