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Keywords :- Doctoral candidate in the USA needs information on brownfields in the UK.

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From : Jacqueline K. Holland
Date: 21st Feb 1998
Subject: Doctoral candidate in the USA needs information on brownfields in the UK






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My research has been in US - Great Lakes Region Brownfields. - I'm a doctoral candidate. I've done a great deal of work with 67 communities in this area of the US

I'm just trying to tell you that I'm familiar with all of this from the US perspective, you on the other hand look at this stuff a little differently and I think we can stand to learn from you.

I have a 25 page paper due on Brownfields in the UK. Can you help me with any material?

I need to know the finance of the problems, political stance, public support, private finance, government finance, attitudes, etc..

Can you help me?


Jacqueline K. Holland

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Dear Jacqueline

Depending on the exact nature of your research it may well be of benefit to you to contact the Dept. of Environment Transport & Regions (formally the DoE) located in Marsham Street, London or visit their web site at www.detr.gov.uk/


Robert Dunn

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