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Keywords :- My final year project is a study of coal mining, methane and contaminated land

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From : Sonya Hughes
Date: 25th March 1998
Subject: Coal mining, Methane and Contaminated land






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I am currently in my third year and my final project is a study of mining and contaminated land.

I am using Arkwright Town in Derbyshire as my case study, a village that had to be relocated across the road due to methane seeping from the mine below. The mine had closed 6 months previously.

I would like to know if there have been any more similar case studies anywhere in the world and where I could get some information from.


Sonya Hughes

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Dear Sonya,

Two places you could try getting more information from are:-

  1. Mining Environmental Management
    Published by Mining Magazine (who also publish Mining Journal). The areas they cover are information on technology, management, research and rehabilitation

    For further details and a free sample copy, the person to contact is

    Nathalie Rosin  Editor
    Tel 020 7216 6060 Fax 020 7216 6050
    mem [at] mining-journal.com

  2. New Civil Engineer
    Published by EMAP for the Institute of Civil Engineers

    For further details the person to contact is

    Dave Parker  Technical Editor
    Tel 020 7505 6673 Fax 020 7505 6667
    nceedit [at] construct.emap.co.uk


    Micky Allen

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