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Keywords :- Contamination caused by crude petroleum in soil, and air


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From : Vladimir Moncada
Date: 9th May 1998
Subject: Modelling contamination caused by crude petroleum spills






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Greetings from Venezuela

I am looking for information on contamination caused by crude petroleum in soil, and air.

I know very little on the topic of crude petroleum spillage, however I need to learn as much as possible in order to be able to carry out some simulations that I require for my thesis.

I need information on current techniques for modelling a spill of crude oil, with emphasis on the physical and chemical effects on the environment.

My main concern is the infiltration process and the effects that a spill produces on soils.

Does anyone have any sources of information on

  1. Toxicity of the petroleum crude,
  2. Models and parameters used in the discharges to air


Vladimir Moncada

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