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Keywords :- Method and suggested limits for the NRA leachate test

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From : Gareth Wise
Date: Fri 21st August 1998
Subject: NRA leachate test



Can anyone provide the method and suggested limits for the NRA leachate test ( for solids, uses acidified water ) and also the EC ( Eluate Criteria, uses distilled or tap water ) tests ?

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Dear Gareth

There is a DIN standard which I believe the EA find acceptable. I am sorry but I don't know the actual DIN Norm number, but you might also try this:-

1994 Interim NRA leach test procedure:

'... experimental details are given in the CEN TC 292 Working Group 2 document and relate to the 'European Leaching Test for Granular Waste Materials', Third Draft, 26 May 1993...'

Adrian Beeching

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