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Keywords :- Seeking sites in the Merseyside area to investigate.

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From: "Lisa Slane"
Organization: Liverpool John Moores University
Date: 26th October 1998
Subject: Sites in the Merseyside area needed for investigation.





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Dear Dr Hackenbush,

I am a third and final year student at Liverpool John Moores University currently studying environmental science. As part of my honours degree I must carryout an independent study.

I have chosen to investigate the environmental impact of methods of waste management and alternative solutions, although I am debating which particular site or sites in the Merseyside area to investigate.

At the minute my choice of sites are between Bidston Moss and incinerator sites or Stretton Way, Huyton in Merseyside and any available information on these sites would be very valued.

I would like to obtain any information which would aid me in the process of experiment which would be gratefully appreciated.

I think I understand the principles of the fieldwork but I must begin my study soon, although any ideas will come in handy.

Thank you for your time

Lisa Slane

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