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Keywords :- Seeking good case studies of Contaminated Land Remediation near Portsmouth.

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From: "Wee Ming Yong"
Organization: University of Portsmouth
Date: October 27, 1998
Subject: Site in Portsmouth area needed for field visit



My dissertation title is 'Remediation of Contaminated Land', I am interested in acquiring the following information

  • Details about the various treatment methods currently in use in the UK (including machinery details).

  • How effective are the various methods in treating the problem.

  • Are there any good case studies and examples of where the methods have been applied successfully to treat contaminated soil.

  • A site near to Portsmouth that I can visit - to observe at first hand (and take photos)

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    From: "Georgia Elliott-Smith"
    Organization: Environmental Manager, Bovis Construction Ltd

    Hi there Wee Ming Yong

    I graduated from the University of Portsmouth this year. While I was at the University we did a very interesting report for Portsmouth City Council on their proposed light railway system which would go around Fareham, Gosport and Portsmouth city.

    The railway was proposed to pass under the sea between Gosport and The Hard and they needed us to research the viability of different areas of land and their development viability due to contaminants contained therein.

    1. One of the most polluted areas which we looked at was the mud flat area behind the Greyhound Stadium at the top of the island which you can see as you drive into Portsmouth on the motorway. As you can see from the site, there is a shipbrokers nearby which have exceptionally high levels of contaminants.

      This area is due to be redeveloped by a firm who's name I forget, but find out the name of the area of land and then get in touch with the City Council who can then put you in touch with the company.

    2. Can I also suggest that you find out who is doing the current Gun Wharf Millennium development since this ex-navy land is certain to be highly contaminated.

    3. Otherwise, go to the City Library in Guildhall Square and ask to see any plans for redevelopment in the city which, according to planning regulations, must be displayed to the public for a statutory period of time.

    4. The library will also contain historical maps of the city which will allow you to find the location of shipbrokers, landfill sites, areas of land reclaimed form the sea and other sites which are likely to be highly contaminated. You could then visit these areas, see if any development has taken place on the land and get in touch with the developers or construction company who did the work. I'm sure that they will be happy to help you and give loads of information.

    You're really quite well placed to do this sort of study since most of Portsmouth island is reclaimed form the sea and has a strong ship building and naval past so many areas are highly contaminated.

    P.S. Have you spoken to Nick Langdon in the Dept. of Civil Engineering? He's got loads of experience and information like this.

    If you've got any more questions, contact me.


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