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Keywords :- Scottish Charity seeks funding to install a Biological Waste Water plant at the Kitezh Eco-village Community for Russian Orphans.

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From: Liza Hollingshead
Organisation: Ecologia
Date: 11th January 1999
Subject: Re: Funding Needed for Biological Waste Water Plant in Russia




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Ecologia Trust is a Scottish Charity reg.no SC023976 working with Russian NGOs in youth, ecology and education since 1988

We work with Kitezh Eco-village Community for Russian Orphans in Kalugaregion, Russia. They desperately need a Biological Waste Water plant (Reedbed type of sewerage system) as they have no indoor plumbing or toilets.

We have contact with Living Technologies in the UK who are willing to put it in at a minimum cost, and all we need is the funding to do it!

The amount we are looking for is about 70,000 in total, which will cover the design and building of the whole plant.

Can anyone point us in the direction of a fund to apply to?

Best wishes
Liza Hollingshead

Ecologia Trust
The Park, Forres
Moray IV36 3TZ Scotland
tel/Fax: +44-(0)1309-690995
Ecologia Trust

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From Micky Allen

Dear Liza

  1. Have you tried the Soros Foundation - they are doing alot of work in the Former Soviet Union, and Central and Eastern Europe.

  2. Why not try the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC). The REC's mission is to promote public participation in environmental decisionmaking by providing information on the environment and encouraging cooperation among Regional stakeholders.

    It does this by supporting environmental nongovernmental organizations, local authorities, national governments, academic institutions, the media and businesses in 15 Central and Eastern European countries.

    The aim of the REC is to act as a catalyst for developing solutions to environmental problems and to promote the development of civil society in the Region.




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From: "Jerome Simpson"
Organization: The Regional Environmental Center (REC)


We have an extensive Funders Database on the REC website. It is forms based and asks three basic questions :-

  1. How much money do you want (in 'bands' of US Dollars)
  2. Which country do you want it for (covers the Former Soviet Union, Newly independent States, Eastern and Central Europe)
  3. What is the purpose of the project (environmental, energy etc)
Once you have filled out the form, it is processed at our Website, and a response comes back within a few seconds.

Good Luck!


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