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Keywords :- I am looking for a basic strategy for the implementation of a site investigation and its procurement.

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From: -William Kerr
Organisation: Nottingham Trent University
Date: 16th March 1999
Subject: Site investigation strategy



I am studying Construction Management at Nottingham Trent University. As part of my course I have to find information on site investigations.

The sort of thing I am looking for is: basic strategy for the implementation of a site investigation and its procurement.

Yours Sincerely
William Kerr

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Dear William

There is a very brief 'bare-bones' guide to Site Investigation Procedures on the Website, but if you need more flesh then have a look at:-

  1. The Institution of Civil Engineers produces a series of design and practice guides, one of which Contaminated Land investigation, assessment and remediation (1994) (ISBN 0 727 720 163) covers this subject.

  2. British Standards Institution, Code of Practice for Site Investigation, 1981, BS 5930 there is apparently a new draft now available.

  3. Scottish Enterprise, 1994, How to Investigate Contaminated Land - Site Investigation

  4. CLR Published Research Reports - CLR 2 Guidance on preliminary site inspection of contaminated land. Report by Applied Environmental Research Centre Ltd. Volume 1. DOE, 1994. 7. Volume 2. DoE, 1994. 12

  5. There is some useful material on the FOCIL website (Forum on Contamination in Land).

      They recently held a half-day seminar (27th January 1999) in conjunction with Institution of Civil Engineers entitled This Brown and Pleasant Land - A Framework for Success in which one of the speakers (Hugh Mallet of Aspinwalls) covered the basic strategy of a site investigation.

      He stated that the characteristics of good site investigations were :

      1. clear objectives
      2. a sensible strategy
      3. provision for uncertainty

      He touched on the variable quality of site investigations and highlighted two recent Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) leaflets - available on the AGS website namely :

      His basic message was that a well researched and interpreted phase 1 risk assessment, (which including a full review of the site history and a walkover survey) could reduce overall project risk and cost overruns.

      This unfortunately is not 'taken on-board' by some developers who prefer to underspend on the initial site investigation - only to pay out far more later, than they would have saved, if they had done it properly first-time round!



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