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Keywords :- How the following Laboratory tests are undertaken

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From:-David Lloyd
Organisation: Dixons
Date: 23rd April 1999
Subject: Geotechnical testing of Contaminated Land







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Dear Micky,

    I am trying to find information relating to how the following laboratory tests are undertaken :-

    1. CBR Test
    2. Dry Density Moisture Content Relationship
    3. Liquid and Plastic Limit Test
    4. Moisture Content Test
    5. Organic Matter Content
    6. Particle Size Analysis
    7. Sulphate and PH Tests involving Dichromate Oxidation

I would be grateful for any information on where I can find explanations of the above.

Many thanks

David Lloyd

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Dear David

I have done some digging around (pardon the terrible pun!)

  1. Dianne Jennings of the AGS (Association for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists) is the person to contact:-

    They have just produced a new guide entitled "Selection of Geotechnical Soil Laboratory Testing" this is as an adjunct to the British Standards for carrying out Geotechnical tests (BS 1377, dated 1990)

    The guide is in two parts

      Part 1 - principles and context of soil testing
      Part 2 - general design principles for geotechnical processes

  2. Other contacts you could try are the following geotechnical laboratories :-



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