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Keywords :- French guidelines and limit values for soil contaminants

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From:-Kim Dahlbo
Organisation: Consulting Engineers Paavo Ristola Ltd
Date: 2nd June 1999
Subject: French guideline and limit values for soil contaminants







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Dear Micky,

    I have for some time tried to obtain information on French guideline and limit values for soil contaminants, without success, however. I wonder if you could help me?
      My problem is briefly as follows: our company has been involved in a study of an industrially polluted site in France. However, we do not have the information of current valid French guideline values and/or limit values for soil pollution, regarding specifically oil hydrocarbons and polychlorinated dibenzo-dioxins and furans.

    I would be very grateful if you could point me to a source for this information.

Many thanks

Kim Dahlbo

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Bonjour Kim

  1. Il n'existe pas de normes francaises de pollution de sols there are no French norms for soil pollution.
  2. Il n'en existera pas avant au moins 2 ans they won't exist for another two years.
  3. Il n'en existe pas au niveau Europeen non plus they don't exist at a European level either.
  4. Les seules existant en Europe sont celles des Pays-Bas, et elles sont en cours de revision the only ones existing in Europe are the ones in force in Holland (the Dutch list), which are in the process of being revised.

Si necessaire, adressez-vous a vincent [at] isige.ensmp.fr qui connait tres bien le sujet! if you need further information please contact vincent [at] isige.ensmp.fr, who is very knowledgeable about the current situation.


Chantal Fouquet


2nd Response

Dear Kim

A couple more links for you, which have a Belgian dimension to them which might be of use in view of the current Dioxin debacle.

  1. Environmental Industrial placement sougnt by Belgian MSc student
  2. www.ping.be/chlorophiles attempts to provide a balanced view on the usefulness of chlorine, it also has extensive dioxin related data on the site.



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