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Keywords :- Comparison of remediation approaches

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From: -Alastair Mitchell
Date: 21st June 1999
Subject: Comparison of remediation approaches







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Dear Micky,

I am an MSc Student at Heriot - Watt University, Scotland studying Geotechnical Engineering, researching my final thesis; comparing remediation approaches (fit for use and multi-functional policies).

I desperately need information on the remedial methods used in the USA and the United Kingdom for former Gas Works, Chromium Waste deposits, and Petroleum sites.

Are the methods used, the same; different use different specifications etc.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help.

Alastair Mitchell

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Dear Alistair

  1. The question of the differences between the UK and the USA was partially answered in May 1998 by Jacqueline K. Holland.

  2. You could also have a look at the various DoE guidelines

  3. If you want information on Gasworks then try English Partnerships but don't mention us, as they think that giving information to websites is not a good idea - afterall who needs the publicity!

  4. If you want to get a response about remediating Petroleum sites then have a word with John Lapinskas at GeoDelft Environmental, he has been at it longer than most, and certainly believes in being helpful.

  5. Finally a visit to the EPA's Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative will give you an insight into how in the USA they seek to create economic benefits and protect the environment by encouraging development on existing industrial sites rather than on Greenfield sites.



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