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Keywords :- Modelling oil spill migration through soil

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From: -Emma Woodey
Date: 27th October 1999
Organisation: University of Surrey
Subject: Modelling how oil spills migrate through soil






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Dear Micky,

I am currently in my second year of an EngD programme based at the University of Surrey and the Chemical Incident Response Service (London) investigating the 'Environmental Management of Chemical Incidents Resulting in Land Contamination'.

I have spent much of the past year looking at how incidents are currently managed and now have decided to focus the research to look at oil/petrol spills.

One of the areas I am interested in is modelling how oil migrates through soil. To date I have been unable to discover whether any experimental work has been undertaken to try and model migration through different soil types. I wonder if anyone might be able to answer this question for me?

Bye for now


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Dear Emma

Vladimir Moncada from Venezuela had a similar enquiry on the 9th May 1998 in Ask-a-Guru thread 20. I have emailed him to see if he has any information that might be useful.

The other thing you could try is looking at the Environmental Management Forum - a one day software exhibition which was held on 20th October 1999 in London.

I have just leafed through the programme guide, and the following look promising:-

  1. British Geological survey
  2. CERC
  3. Dames + Moore
  4. Environmental Simulations
  5. Soil Survey + Land Research Centre
  6. Trinity Consultants



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