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What sort of Questions can one ask



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Well really anything related to Contaminated Land, if you look at the Ask a Guru Subject Index, you will see the range of questions asked.

Don't be shy about asking, as you can bet there will hordes of 'lurkers' who were too shy to ask, and who are very grateful that you in effect asked on their behalf. So if you have a query about :-

  • a suitable site for a research project
  • problem land in your neighbourhood
  • getting a vacation job
  • etc, etc, etc......

Just ask - don't worry you will get a civil response, we reserve our sarcasm for government officials who should know better !

Conversely if you want to contribute information to the website, we would be very happy to receive it.

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Please use a couple
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You request gets written up as a brief paragraph, with a link to your full question.

The request goes on the Homepage, and any responses received, are sent to you, and added to your page.

However, please be aware that you need to give us a valid email address, otherwise we cannot help you -(no it is not to sell to spammers!, it is just to make sure that the question asked is not a hoax)

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Please fill out the Feedback Form or else send us an email to suggest improvements.

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