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Past Industrial Uses

Keywords :-Potential contaminants associated with main industrial sectors.

Gasworks | Iron + Steel works | Metal finishing | Non ferrous metal processing | Oil refineries | Paints | Petro-chemical plants | Petrol stations | Rubber processing | Semi-conductors | Tanneries | Textiles | Wood processing |
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Potential contaminants associated with Main industrial sectors
Sector Contaminant
type example
Gasworks Coal tar creosote
Phenols phenol
Cyanide free / complex
Sulphur sulphide / sulphate
Iron + Steel works Metals copper, nickel, lead
Acids sulphuric, hydrochloric
Mineral oils -
Coking works residues (as for gasworks )
Metal finishing Metals cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel, zinc
Acids sulphuric, hydrochloric
Plating salts cyanide
Aromatic hydrocarbons benzene
Chlorinated hydrocarbons   1,1,1-Trichloroethane
Non ferrous metal
copper, cadmium, lead
Impurity metals antimony, arsenic
Other wastes battery cases, acids
Oil refineries Hydrocarbons various fractions
Acids, alkalies sulphuric, caustic soda
Lagging, insulation asbestos
Spent calalysts lead, nickel, chromium
Paints Metals lead, cadmium, barium
Alcohols toluol, xylol
Chlorinated hydrocarbons Methylene Chloride
Fillers, extenders silica, titanium dioxide, talc
Petrochemical plants Acids, alkalies sulphuric, caustic soda
Metals copper, cadmium, mercury
Reactive monomers styrene, acrylate, VCM
Cyanide toluene di-isocyanate
Amines analine
Aromatic hydrocarbons benzene, Toluene
Petrol stations Metals copper, cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc
Aromatic hydrocarbons benzene
Octane boosters lead, MTBE
Mineral oil -
Paint, plastic residues barium, cadmium, lead
Rubber processing Metals zinc, lead
Sulphur compounds sulphur, thiocarbonate
Reactive monomers isoprene, isobutylene
Acids sulphuric. hydrochloric
Aromatic hydrocarbons xylene, Toluene
Semi-conductors Metals copper, nickel, cadmium
Metalloids arsenic, antimony, zinc
Acids nitric, hydrofluoric
Chlorinated hydrocarbons trichloroethylene
Alcohols methanol
Aromatic hydrocarbons xylene, Toluene
Tanneries Acids hydrochloric
Metals trivalent chromium
Salts chlorides, sulphides
Solvents kerosine, white spirit
Cyanide methyl isocyanate
Degreasers trichloroethylene
Dyestuff residues cadmium, benzidine
Textiles Metals aluminium, tin, titanium, zinc
Acids, alkalines sulphuric, caustic soda
Salts sodium hypochlorite
Chlorinated hydrocarbons Perchloroethylene
Aromatic hydrocarbons phenol
Pesticides dieldrin, aldrin, endrine
Dyestuff residues cadmium, benzidine
Wood processing Coal tar creosote
Chlorinated hydrocarbons pentachlorophenol
Metalloids / metals arsenic, copper, chromium

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