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Generic subgroups

Keywords :-Different classes of potential hazards.

Potential hazards | Gases | Liquids | Materials | Corrosives | Toxics | Aromatics | Biologicals
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Causes of Contamination   > Generic sub-groups

Potential hazards

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives a flavour of the different classes of potential hazards.



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Toxic, flammable and explosive gases

  • acetylene
  • hydrogen cyanide
  • hydrogen sulphide



Flammable liquids and solids

  • fuel oils
  • solvents



Combustible materials

  • timber
  • ash
  • coal residues



Corrosive substances

  • acids
  • alkalis

    Toxic substances

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    Toxic substances

    • phytotoxic heavy-metals
    • hydrocarbons
    • inorganic salts
    • asbestos



    Substituted Aromatic compounds

    • PCBs
    • dioxins
    • furans



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    Biological agents

    • anthrax
    • tetanus
    • BSE
    • Genetically Modified Organisms
    • Genetically Modified Pollens

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