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Listing of Exhibitors at Polluted + Marginal Land 96

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Company Name

  1. ABE Ltd

  2. Analytical and Environmental Services Ltd

  3. Aspinwall Co

  4. British Drilling Association

  5. British Geological Survey

  6. Celtic Technologies Ltd

  7. Controls Testing Equipment Ltd

  8. Cooper Clarke Group plc

  9. Cordek Ltd

  10. Earth Science Systems Ltd

  11. Edmund Nuttal Ltd

  12. Ensys Europe Ltd

  13. Euro Erosion Engineering Ltd

  14. Exploration Associates

  15. Fugro Environmental Ltd

  16. Geo-Services International (UK)

  17. Geochem Group Ltd

  18. Geotechnical Instruments Ltd

  19. Grasswing Engineering Ltd

  20. Instutute of Hydrology

  21. Keller Foundation Ltd

  22. Marton Geotechnical Services Ltd

  23. MMG Civil Engineering Systems Ltd

  24. Netlon Ltd

  25. Pennine Ground Engineering Ltd

  26. Reynolds Geo-Sciences

  27. Robertson Laboratories Ltd

  28. Roger Bullivant Ltd

  29. Shelthire Ltd

  30. Soil Instruments Ltd

  31. Stanger Science and Environment

  32. Structural Testing Services Ltd

  33. Stuart Well Services Ltd

  34. Tarmac Construction plc

  35. Techbase Europe Ltd

  36. Tenax Plastics Ltd

  37. TES Bretby Ltd

  38. University of Edinburgh

  39. Valvate Drilling Systems Ltd

  40. Van Elle Environmental Ltd

  41. W L Gore Ltd

  42. Waterra UK Ltd,

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