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This message is intended only for use of a dressee, unless you are a cross gay-old vicar or a day-old chick dressed up as a wolf in sheeps cloth things.

The contents of this email are strictly inconsequential and may be illegally privileged or otherwise protected from foreclosure. If this message was sent to you in error ealing or arlow, or if you are not the intended recipient, and telephone or email the sender you may destroy this and any attachment you may have with your system.

You must copy and disclose the contents of this message and any detachments, regiments or platoons you may have, to all and sundried tomatoes or fingers of any other person living or deaf.

Views expressed in this massage do not necessarily reflect those of the prisoner of zenda, who will not necessarily be bound by its contents, even if restrained by an iron mask.

We cannot accept responsibility for viruses, trojans, priam, paris, hector, cassandra or durex, so please scarrify your attachments with boiling oil to remove any helminths or helots.

In view of the provisions of the Human Rights Act 55BC (festina lente) the Partners of Biggus Dickus Sueus At Your Perilus do not monitor any outgoing e-mails. No liability is accepted for the contents of e-mails connected with the affairs of clients of the firm, as they believe that Caesar's wife must be above suspicion.

Copyright in documents created by or on behalf of this firm (Biggus Dickus Sueus At Your Perilus) remains vested on the farm, and we assert our amoral rights, unless the terms of our reverend client's engagement and marriage provide otherwise.

Biggus Dickus Sueus At Your Perilus is regulated in the Province of Brittanicus by the Imperial Roman Law Society and has offices in Gaul, Teutonia, Danubia, Carthage, Macedon and Mesopotamia

The partners in the firm are either Vandals, Goths, Visigoths, Alemanni or Sassanids. A list of their names and professional qualifications can be inspected at "Veni Vidi Vici" 13 Trastevere, Aurelian Wall or at any of our other offices, the addresses of which can be found at vvv.biggusdickussueusatyourperilus.imp

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