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  1. Iceland Volcanic Server
  2. ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
  3. Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
  4. Illinois
  5. Index of Environmental Organizations
  6. Index to EPA Test Methods
  7. Industry and Environment Centre
  8. Industry Canada (Strategis)
  10. Information Center for the Environment - (University of California, Davis)
  11. Information on Protection & Development of Sherwood Forest
  12. INFORSE - International Network for Sustainable Energy
  13. InfoSeek
  14. Institute for Chemical Process
  15. Institute for Virology and Environmental Microbiology
  16. Institute of Environmental Management
  17. Institute of Freshwater Ecology
  18. International Archive of Economic Geology
  19. International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research
  20. International Cooperative for Environmental Leadership (ICEL)
  21. International Environmental Liability management Association
  22. International Institute for Sustainable Development
  23. International Rivers Network
  24. International Sites
  25. Internet Resources for the Biologist
  26. InterRidge
  27. ISO 14000 InfoCenter
  28. Italian National Agency for Technology, Energy and the Environment
  29. Italian Ph.D. Program for Environmental Monitoring
  30. Jay Stimmel's Recycling List
  31. King County (Washington) Water Pollution Control
  32. Kola Ecogeochemistry Project - Information on Pollution in Arctic Europe
  33. L G Mouchel
  34. Laboratory Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention: A Guide for Teachers
  35. Lancaster, Environmental Science Division
  36. Linkages - Environmental Development
  37. Links to International Environmental Sources
  38. LLNL Earth Sciences Division
  39. London Natural History Museum
  40. Los Alamos National Laboratory / EES-5, Geoanalysis
  41. Marine Minerals Bibliography & Database Online
  42. Material Safety Data Sheets
  43. Medical and chemicals data (Medaccess)
  44. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
  45. Michigan Tech University Geology web
  46. Microbiology & Virology
  47. Ministry of Agriculture
  48. MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences
  49. Monash University, Australia, Earth Science
  50. Mount St. Helens; Washington; USGS
  51. MSDS (brief) in UK
  52. MTU Volcanoes Humor
  53. MuOhio Environmental Geology HP
  54. Mycology - (Fungi)
  55. NASA, TOMS Volcanic SO2
  56. National Biological Information Infrastructure
  57. National Climatic Data Center
  58. National Environmental Compliance Assistance Center
  59. National Environmental Information Resources Center (NEIRC)
  60. National Environmental Technology for Waste Prevention Institute
  61. National Geodetic Survey
  62. National Geophysical Data Center Marine Geology and Geophysics
  63. National Geophysical Data Center Natural Hazards Databases
  64. National Geophysical Data Center Solar Terrestrial Physics Division
  65. National Geophysical Data Center
  66. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
  67. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  68. National Library for the Environment (U.S.)
  69. National Pollutant Release Inventory ( NPRI )
  70. National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) Pollution PreventionYellow Pages
  71. National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  72. National Science Foundation
  73. National Society of Professional Engineers Home Page
  74. National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)
  75. National Toxicology Program (NTP)
  76. National Wildlife Federation
  77. Natural Environmental Research Council
  78. Natural Hazards Mitigation Group at UniGE
  79. Natural Resources Canada / Ressources Naturelles Canada
  80. Natural Resources Defense Council Web
  81. Natural Resources Research Information Pages
  82. Netsurfer Digest
  83. New Environmentalist- Journal of Sustainability
  84. New Zealand Ministry for the Environment
  85. New Zealand, Victoria University Wellington, Institute of Geophysics
  86. NIEHS Superfund Basic Research Program
  87. Nirex
  88. NOAA ESDIM Home Page
  89. Non-Internet Sources of EPA Information
  90. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Resources (Biological Survey)
  91. North Carolina
  92. Northern Miner
  93. Nova Scotia Environmental Industry Association
  94. NSW Nature Conservation

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