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Robots, Spiders and Search Engines

The full Website (over 120 pages) on a floppy disk for 12

Keywords :- 'Bot Parade' - Inktomi, AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo!, 'Birds of a Feather' 18 Search engines in a 'box' => 100hot Web Sites, AccuFind, Albert 2, BigBook, DisInformation, The Electric Library, Excite, Four11, GTE SuperPages, HotBot, IBM infoMarket, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, ON'VILLAGE, OpenText Index, WhoWhere?,

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'Bot Parade'

'Birds of a Feather'

Search Yahoo UK !

18 Search engines in a 'box'

The Robot charts Hit parade ('Bot Parade')

  • AltaVista

    First visited on 3rd week Dec 1996
    Last indexed in the 2nd week of March '97
    Total visits to date = 2

  • Excite

    First visited in the 2nd week of Sept '96
    Last indexed in the 1st week of April '97
    Total visits to date = 15

  • Inktomi (HotBot)

    First visited on 28th Oct 1996 at 05:22 AM (poor old Hotbot they make it work such unsocial hours !)
    Last indexed in the 2nd week of April '97
    Total visits to date = 8

  • Yahoo!

    The Site was submitted to both the US and the UK Yahoos on 20th Jan 1997 provoking a "Swift" response !

    Just pop your query in here => to

    'Birds of a Feather'

    As you are no doubt aware we have links out to quite a few sites on the World Wide Web, in turn there are a few Environmental Websites that link in to us including the following:-

    18 Search engines in a 'box'

    Or else you can use one of these search engines

    100hot Web Sites AccuFind Albert 2
    BigBook DisInformation The Electric Library
    Excite Four11 GTE SuperPages
    HotBot IBM infoMarket Infoseek
    Lycos Magellan ON'VILLAGE
    OpenText Index WhoWhere? Yahoo! (USA)

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