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Contaminated Land Workshops

Keywords :- Professional standards, Insurance standards, Risk assessment, Analytical methods, insurances and warranties

Contaminated Land Workshops
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Contaminated Land Workshops



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  1. Workshop 1 Professional standards, April 1994, DoE 1995.

  2. Workshop 2 Insurance standards, July 1994, DoE 1995.

  3. Workshop 3 Risk assessment and the use of guidelines, July 1994, DoE 1995.

  4. Workshop 4 Analytical methods for soils from contaminated land, October 1994, DoE 1995.

  5. Workshop 5 Specifications, contracts, insurances and warranties, February 1995, DoE 1995.


Available from

    Contaminated Land + Liabilities Branch
    D E T R
    Zone 3/B4, Ashdown House
    123 Victoria Street
    London, SW1E 6DE
    Tel (0171) 890 5287

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