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There are an abundance of mailing lists (also known as discussion lists) on the Internet. The listings below are just a guide.

There are four main mailing list systems:-

  1. Listserv
  2. Mailbase
  3. Mailserv
  4. Majordomo
Basically to subscribe you do one of the following :-

  1. To Subscribe to a LISTSERV, send an email to the SERVER with your name, email address and the LIST-NAME.
  2. To Subscribe to a MAILBASE send a message to mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk containing the text 'join LIST-NAME First_Name Last_Name' (without quotes).
  3. To Subscribe to a MAILSERV, send a message to the SERVER containing the text 'subscribe LIST-NAME firstname lastname' (without the quotes).
  4. To Subscribe to a MAJORDOMO send a message to the SERVER containing the text 'subscribe LIST-NAME' (without the quotes).


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If you are stuck, all you need to do, is send the message 'HELP' in the body of the message to the address e.g. mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

BUT and it's a big 'but', don't send your request to subscribe straight to the actual list - otherwise you will be 'spamming' all the list members. Some of whom might not take kindly to receiving your request to be allowed to join !

For example if there was a list called GIS-A-JOB hosted by mailbase.ac.uk (which there ain't as far as I'm aware) and you wanted to join it, your options are

  1. Send a message to MAILBASE@mailbase.ac.uk
  2. Send a message to GIS-A-JOB@mailbase.ac.uk
Now come on class pay attention (afterall the man from OFSTED is in the back - ogling one of the 6th formers no doubt)

Yes the right answer (unless you like getting hatemail) is to send the message to MAILBASE@mailbase.ac.uk!

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