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Geographical Information Systems
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  1. Coastal GIS
    LIST-NAME: COASTGIS SERVER: listserv@irlearn.ucd.ie

  2. Biological Conservation and GIS
    LIST-NAME: CONSGIS SERVER: listserv@uriacc.uri.edu

  3. Geographic Information Systems for business and management
    LIST-NAME: GISBUS-L SERVER: listserv@ecuvm.cis.ecu.edu

  4. Problems, solutions, etc., relating to GIS hardware and software
    LIST-NAME: GIS-HELP SERVER: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

  5. Job vacancies in the GIS field
    LIST-NAME: GIS-JOBS SERVER: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk

  6. Geographic Information Systems Discussion
    LIST-NAME: GIS-L SERVER: listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu CROSSPOSTED TO: comp.infosystems.gis

  7. ESRI products
    LIST-NAME: ESRI-L SERVER: listserv@esri.com

  8. Idrisi support
    LIST-NAME: IDRISI-L SERVER: mailserv@toe.towson.edu

  9. Intergraph products
    LIST-NAME: INGR-ER SERVER: mailserv@ccsun.tuke.sk

  10. MapInfo software, applications and data issues
    LIST-NAME: MAPINFO-L SERVER: majordomo@csn.org

Links for this Topic

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