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The Website consists of over 210 "sections" of content, (some half a page in length, others with much more..., see - Table of Contents) over 2 Megabytes of pure text - with NO IMAGES !.

For just 16.50 (Sixteen Pounds fifty pence),you can have a perpetual license for a copy of the full Website, (for your personal usage) on two 3 1/2 inch diskettes, with the full sub-directory structure and relative URL links. Just fill out the Order Form below and we will contact you ASAP, with payment details.

If you are in full-time education (as a student, academic, researcher etc), then you can have it for free - all you need to do, is send us two blank diskettes with your CV on one of them, together with an stamped addressed envelope (Two 20p stamps). Once again just fill out the Order Form below and we will contact you ASAP, with address details. In case you wonder why we don't just give out the address - well 'Junk mail' through a letter box is far harder to suppress that its electronic counterpart !

This offer also includes three site updates per year, sent to you by Email. Hence please make sure that your email address is correct !

We subscribe to the open nature of information flow on the Internet, and hence you are free to copy or use the information on this site WITH THE PROVISO that if you make money out of it, (by repackaging the information and selling it on) then it is only fair that we should benefit as well and receive some form of equitable payment for our hard work too.

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