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In the listings that follow the layout is :-

Company / Organisation Name
Town / County
Telephone Number
[Fax Number]
Email address

This abbreviated data was derived from information in the public domain, if you are listed and have no desire to be so, then please send us an email to Take-us-off@ContaminatedLAND.co.uk


I'll list yours if you list mine!


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If would like us to, we would be very happy to

  1. Add you to the abbreviated www.ContaminatedLand.co.uk listings - if you are not already in them (this listing service is free of charge)

  2. You can expand this to a full listing. This would also include a contact name, full postal address, email and website address, plus a locally hosted Homepage.

      This locally hosted Homepage, would consist of a page or two of text, basically explaining what it is that you do - see the example of Layla Resources.

      This is currently free of charge, however once the Government pulls it's finger out, and actually implements the contaminated land legislation it will cost 42 a year, with the initial first 6 months being FREE.

  3. If you wish to, you can register now either by filling out the following form:- Listing Submission Form or else by sending an email to gizza-listing@ContaminatedLAND.co.uk

If you already have a Home Page elsewhere (on your own website, for example) then we would be very pleased to set up a free of charge link pointer to it, just drop us a line at link-me@ContaminatedLAND.co.uk

Links for this Topic

Please fill out the Feedback Form or else send us an email to suggest improvements.

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