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Land Quality Management

Keywords :- Land Quality Management - University of Nottingham

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Dr Paul Nathanail
Land Quality Management
School of Chemical Environmental and Mining Engineering
University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Tel: (0115) 951 4098
Fax: [0115 951 4640]


Areas of Expertise


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  1. MSc in Contaminated Land Management.
  2. Environmental Risk Assessment.
  3. Engineering Geology.
  4. Geographical Information Systems.
  5. Geostatistics.


Recent Projects, References



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Land Quality Management (LQM) was formed in December 1997 by Professor Colin Ferguson and Dr Paul Nathanail to carry out the specialist consultancy, training and contract research that they formerly carried out through CRBE at the Nottingham Trent University. LQM's activities span the following areas:

  • Environmental Risk Assessment - Waste characterisation, Waste minimisation, Soil chemistry and microbiology, Waste management strategies, Waste and Soil Treatment, Geo-Environmental Engineering.

  • Recent publications - Risk assessment for contaminated sites in Europe volume 1 - scientific basis, ISBN 0 9533090. 25-00
    Risk assessment for contaminated sites in Europe volume 2 - country reports. 25-00 (May 1999)

  • Key Clients include - Aon Insurance Group, British Nuclear Fuels plc, Central Law Training, Certa (UK) Ltd, CIRIA, DERA, DETR, European Commission DGXI + DG XII, Environment Agency, ICI Chemicals + Polymers Ltd, LGC, The National Trust, R3 Environmental Technologies Ltd, Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick, W S Atkins.

  • Recent Projects - Development of risk based methods for devising guidelines (trigger values) on priority soil technologies.
    Development of expert system to support design and sampling strategies for contaminated sites for UK DoE
    Development of decision support system for post conflict demining operations

  • MSc in Contaminated Land Management - modules can be attended as short courses, forthcoming modules are:

    • Geostatisics for contaminated land risk assessment
    • Introduction to Remediation I
    • Introduction to Remediation II
    • Natural Attenuation
    • Remediation Design and implementation I - in situ remediation
    • Remediation Design and implementation II - conventional methods of remediation
    • Remediation Design and implementation III - ex situ remediation
    • Risk assessment I
    • Risk assessment II
    • Risk models for contaminated land
    • Use of GIS for contaminated land characterisation

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