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Website Updates - Structure
Keywords :- Changes and updates

Keep on growing

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Keep on growing

The Website was "born" on Monday 8th July 1996, and after four iterations and 35 man weeks it had 120 'pages' of content (by the 11th Nov 1996).

It was slightly redesigned a year later, and is now over 2.75 Mb in size, with some 260 'pages' of content (by the 25th Feb 1999).

The changes and updates that took place during this period are as follows :-

  1. Structure

  2. Content

  3. Listings







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  1. Column format with navigation bar on the left hand side of the page. (13th Nov 96)
  2. Keyword listing at top of each page. (13th Nov 96)
  3. Website updates icon. (13th Nov 96)
  4. Index of this Page icon. (13th Nov 96) - partial index so far
  5. Search the Site for....? icon. (13th Nov 96)
  6. Netscape navigation icon for Search / Keywords (20th Nov 96)
  7. New "X-mas tree" layout of Table of Contents (29th Nov 96)
  8. Relocation of Training + Courses section - from 15.4 to 19 (11th Dec 96)
  9. Relocation of Environmental Publications section - from 13.7 to 14 (11th Dec 96)
  10. Netscape navigation icon for New stuff (12th Dec 96)
  11. Netscape navigation icon for Listings (12th Dec 96)
  12. Netscape navigation icon for External link (12th Dec 96)
  13. Change of usage of Netscape navigation icon from External link to Contact us (12th Dec 96)
  14. Netscape navigation icon for New Query / Request for information (12th Feb 97)
  15. Netscape navigation icon for Respond to this Query / Request (12th Feb 97)
  16. Netscape navigation icon for See all Queries / Requests for information (12th Feb 97)
  17. Netscape navigation icon for See all resonses to this Query / Request (12th Feb 97)
  18. The publisher, editor, and webmaster all got married, and had other things on their mind for a while (22nd Feb 97)
  19. Renumbering layout of Table of Contents sections (18th Nov 97)
  20. Pilcrows ¶¶ instead of website update icons in Table of Contents section (18th Dec 97)

  21. Redesign of the Website How this page is structured (11th Feb 98)

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